A group of smiling volunteers at our Store Day, having a well deserved rest after packing up thousands of books!

Volunteers’ Week

We're celebrating our wonderful Volunteers who bring our projects to life and help us get books to where they're needed most! Read More

Book of the Month book plate: Give a Book logo with the words "Because Reading Matters". In smaller print below: This book was recommended by.... with space to add the name of the Book of the Month guest.

Book of the Month

Book of the Month: Each month a special guest of Give a Book shares a book recommendation which is then sent to a Give a Book reading project. Read More

Today commemorates the book smugglers who defied the national book ban of 1866. Not only was the ban overruled and the Lithuanian preserved, but a new Lithuanian word was created: "Knygnešiai." Though no direct translation exits, it roughly means, "book carriers" or "book smugglers".

Lithuanian Day of the Book Smugglers

Each year March 16th marks Lithuania's Day of the Book Smugglers to commemorate those involved in smuggling banned Lithuanian books into the country to preserve the Lithuanian language. Read More

Life Wordsmith

Lovely book blogger Life Wordsmith has blogged about us. Read it here. Thanks for your... Read More