Page to Picture

“Think of it as a blind date with the book. You are given the author, title and story but a blank front cover. You then design a front cover based on your interpretation of the story.

Page to Picture combines reading for pleasure with a creative activity. The project is aimed at 9-11 year olds, and gives them the task of designing a front cover for a book without having seen the original design. Although the project is centred around a final piece of artwork, the creative element of the project is not for the purpose of producing a piece of art but to generate excitement around books and reading in a fun way. This could be but is not limited to a character, a place, a particular object that is mentioned frequently throughout the story. Page to Picture encourages pupils to channel their creative minds and explore their imaginations and create a front cover for a book that is unique to them.

“I enjoyed the story because it was really imaginative and adventurous” (St Eanswythes Primary School)

“All of the children loved this experience and I hope these types of projects are continued in the future” (Abbey Catholic Primary School)

“My favourite part was using my imagination for the front cover” (Abbey Catholic Primary School)

Pupils from St. Eanswythes proudly displaying their individually designed front covers and handwritten blurbs for The Secret Detectives by Ella Risbridger as part of Give a Book's 'From Page to Picture' project.



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