Globe School

Give a Book first partnered with the Globe Primary School in 2014 as part of the Breakfast Book Club project. Since 2015, we have given a small grant to help buy magazines, comics and graphic novels for the pupils. Reading is not just about reading a chapter book or novel. A magazine or graphic novel offers the same enjoyment and pleasure and is just another route to becoming a reader.

With this selection, the school has seen pupils becoming more engaged with reading as a result of the access to magazines and comic books.

“Comic books are fun and easy to read and lots of children like them” – S, Y5

“They’re good for people like me who read the pictures. It’s really nice to have them so you can see every action that happened because the big books, sometimes it’s hard to make a picture of what’s happening in your head” – O, Y4

“I like adventures and they’re adventurous and it’s easy to see what’s going on because of the pictures, a bit unlike Harry Potter because it’s made up and it’s hard to imagine what things like the Snake look like” – N, Y3

We’re delighted to support the Globe School in developing the reading for pleasure environment at the school.



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