Picture Book Club

Book Clubs in Schools now have a new programme for primary schools – Picture Book Club.

Taking our peer-led book club model we have created resources for picture books for Year 5 to share with Year 1. The simple activity booklet encourages parents to re-read the books with their children and to visit their local library to find a copy to read and share, encouraging the links between schools and the libraries.

Pictures from Abbey Catholic Primary School

The aim of the Picture Book Club is to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased confidence of Y5s as readers
  • Opportunity for Y5s to model reading
  • Reinforce a reading for pleasure culture throughout the school
  • Inspire the younger pupils to be readers
  • Opportunity for Y1 pupils to be read to more regularly and experience a wider range of stories (particularly for those who might not be read to at home)
  • A space for Y1 and Y5 pupils to talk about picture books on a one to one or small group basis and develop their ‘book talk’

We refresh the books each term and there are 15 books in a pack.


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