Breakfast Book Clubs

We first started this project back in 2013, working with Magic Breakfast proving books alongside breakfast for primary school children, hungry in all sorts of ways. We give 100 new books, notebooks and pencils to school breakfast clubs and refresh the stock a few times throughout the year. The idea is always to get children enjoying books and helping them engage with reading and literacy in a more fun environment. There is an ongoing need, as there are growing numbers of pupils in areas where books and reading are not part of everyday home life. The clubs fill a gap to encourage more reading for pleasure. You can read an interview about Breakfast Book Clubs from The Big Issue here.

“I found some boys sharing books, they seemed really calm and engrossed. One has severe SEN so it was lovely to see!” (Breakfast Book Club leader)

“I think the new reading area is good because when you’re reading it takes you into your own little world.” (Pupil)

“I can see the impact the Breakfast Book Club and parent readers are having on my class, just having some 1:1 time to share a love of reading is such a wonderful sight.” (Teacher)


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