Book Clubs in Schools

Book Clubs in Schools provide a format that allows students to engage with books in a more informal way, where there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers and they are encouraged to bring their own knowledge and experiences to discussions. Our curated list is designed to stimulate discussion and encourage a love of reading

The younger pupils engage in reading for pleasure and develop social and communication skills such as confidence, resilience, creativity, oracy, and critical thinking. They develop friendships with older pupils and gain role models that are positive and accessible. Alongside the skills the younger pupils develop, the older pupils learn how to lead a group discussion, become mentors, and volunteer which can be used for DofE or UCAS applications. Over 17,000 pupils have participated in Book Clubs in Schools core programme in over 90 schools. Working with MediaTrust we created a film which shows the impact our programme, you can watch it here

Our feedback surveys find that schools and teachers see increased participation and motivation in class, as well as a stronger sense of community and sense of belonging to the school. Having run Book Clubs in Schools for nearly ten years, our self-evaluation survey results indicate that out of the pupils who participate in the programme, 70% enjoy reading more, 61% made new friends, 58% feel more comfortable debating and 57% feel more confident speaking. Amongst the Book Club Leaders, 97% would recommend others to become leaders, 82% learnt how to facilitate conversations and to be more inclusive and 76% felt more confident leading.  We are working with the Open University to further evaluate the programme over the next two years.

How Give a Book helps…
  • Give a Book supplies books for school book clubs with above-average numbers of pupils receiving pupil premium
What they say…
  • “We wouldn’t be able to take part in the Book Clubs In Schools initiative if it wasn’t for Give A Book. Since starting the programme in September we’ve been given over 100 books, books which have been vital for our book clubs to run. By providing us with sets of these books – from such a diverse range of so many fantastic books – we’re able to see such amazing progress. The students get to read books they quickly fall in love with, as well as having the social and personal development from taking part in book club. I cannot show my appreciation enough for how big a contribution they have made to so many students.” Bishop Challoner School
  • “Getting enough copies of The Declaration by Gemma Malley means the whole of Year 8 get the opportunity to experience an exciting dystopian novel together in their books clubs. The conversations they have been having each week, discussing  themes and characters in the book, really demonstrates how reading within the book clubs is expanding their horizons and developing their minds and is lovely to see as a teacher.” Fulham Cross Girls School


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