From Page to Picture

“Think of it as a blind date with the book. You are given the author, title and story but a blank front cover. You then design a front cover based on your interpretation of the story.”

This new project aims to combine reading for pleasure with a creative activity. The project gives 9-11 year olds the task of designing a front cover for a book without having seen the original design.  The aim is to engage pupils first with the narrative and then, taking inspiration from the story, create a front cover.

Although the project is centred around a final piece of artwork, the creative element of the project is not for the purpose of producing a piece of art but to generate excitement around books and reading in a fun way. This could be but is not limited to a character, a place, a particular object that is mentioned frequently throughout the story.

The project is essentially a way for the pupils to create an amazing front cover from their own interpretation of a story. As reading is such a personal experience, I believe that each front cover will be truly unique.

We piloted this project in 2021 with Larkspur Primary and have recently rolled it out in a second school.

St Eanswythes received their batch of covered books in February 2022 – The Secret Detectives by Ella Risbridger – and it’s been great to see the end result; a creative of mix of front covers and descriptive blurbs designed and written by the pupils based on their individual interpretations of the story.

“I enjoyed the story because it was really imaginative and adventurous”

“It has made me want to read more mystery” 

Favourite part?

“Writing the blurb because it lets me express my feelings and I can tell people what I think about it”

Pupils from St. Eanswythes proudly displaying their individually designed front covers and handwritten blurbs for The Secret Detectives by Ella Risbridger as part of Give a Book's 'From Page to Picture' project.

Thank you to our partner schools for participating in From Page to Picture and helping us develop the project so we can continue spreading a love of reading.

Updated March 2022


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