Book Clubs in Schools

Give a Book work with and provide books for Book Clubs in Schools, a not-for-profit organisation offering a unique peer-to-peer mentoring programme which inspires a lifelong love of reading and critical thinking.

What They Do…
  • Year 10s lead book clubs for all Year 7s, or 6th formers work with younger children in local primary schools.
  • Target schools in disadvantaged areas, as the pupils in these schools derive the most benefit
  • Provide training sessions and materials to book club leaders to facilitate book clubs
  • Develop questions and activities related to the books which we provide to book clubs to stimulate discussion and encourage a passion for reading
  • Work with the schools to track the academic results and benefits of book clubs
  • Currently running in secondary schools in London, Bournemouth, Stockport and Dudley
How Give a Book helps…
  • Give a Book supplies books for school book clubs with above-average numbers of pupils receiving pupil premium
  • Since September 2018, 16 schools and over 1,500 students have benefitted from receiving books from Give a Book to use for the BCiS programme. Books belong to the school and are therefore reused for future Book Clubs, so the reach is thousands of students over the school year.


“We aim to help all young people engage with the wider world through developing their character and communication skills along with a love of reading,” explain BCiS founders Beth Ginsburg and Alison Palmer.

To celebrate five years of BCiS in March 2019 we asked them to write us a guest blog, which you can read here.

Updated March 2019