Zoë Wanamaker: The Once and Future King

This month’s Book of the Month has been recommended for us by Zoë Wanamaker CBE, who supports Bark and Read. She has recommended The Once and Future King by T. H. White.

“Reading is such an important skill that is used in every part of our lives, but it can be a scary and intimidating experience when you are young. As with anything in life you have to practice, practice and practice to get better. That is why the Kennel Club’s Bark & Read project is such an inspiring idea, as we all know that dogs are great listeners and won’t judge if we stumble over a word. The concept makes reading time fun and helps to develop children’s self esteem and passion for reading while they’re still finding their voice. If children aren’t inspired to read then they will just turn to their play-stations and x-boxes instead.”

Find out why the Bark & Read Foundation was launched and what makes dogs the perfect classroom companion for children learning to read.


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