Tom Stoppard: The Stories of Damon Runyon

 In July we asked the legendary playwright and screenwriter Tom Stoppard to choose our book of the month. Coinciding with his 80th Birthday, we are delighted to have his wonderfully nostalgic choice:

“When I was in my teens I had a passion for the stories of Damon Runyon.  He wrote in the person of someone hanging about in the company of gangsters, cops, showgirls and gamblers, etc, around “the Great White Way”, meaning Broadway, New York City, in the 30’s and the 40’s.  The stories had good plots and they were funny, and unique. One of the stories was made into a musical, (and a movie: “Guys and Dolls” with Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando). When I started writing, I tried to write “Damon Runyon stories”, but they were harder than I thought! I still love them.”


Thank you to Tom Stoppard for the birthday Book of the Month!


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