Tom Palmer: Wuthering Heights

This month we are thrilled to have a book chosen for us by the fantastic author Tom Palmer.

After graduating, Palmer went to work in a bookshop, then a library and then managed book festivals. During this time he was constantly writing stories, poems and diaries before Puffin published his first football book for children. Below, Palmer explains in more detail why he chose Brontë’s novel as his book of the month:

I recommend Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë as a read. Saying that, lots of people hate it. My wife hates it. It is about two families who live on a Pennine moor and exchange a lot of hostility. It’s pretty brutal, even though it is considered a great love story. It’s more about hate. I like it because – when I read it – I had the sense that to be an author you had to be from London and posh and rich and clever. I am none of those things. When I read Wuthering Heights, I was confronted by a book by a woman from Yorkshire about people in Yorkshire. I was stunned. That was the moment I thought I can be a writer… anyone can be a writer.

We are incredibly grateful for this classic book choice from Tom Palmer.

We recently included copies of After the War in our Give a History Book bundles for schools, which has been long-listed for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2021.

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