Philip Pullman: Finn Family Moomintroll

This month our book has been chosen by renowned author Philip Pullman. He has picked the classic Finn Family Moomintroll, and here is why:

“I found the Moomins enchanting when i was a child, having discovered them by myself in Battersea Public Library. I read them again and again, always a little mystified by this strange world, always deeply enchanted, and seldom happier than when in the company of these absurd, brave, generous, funny and delightful beings. I think they have a magic that only the very greatest writers can bring to life.”

Here he shares some excellent advice for how to get a child to read it:

“Short of a universal power blackout, all I can suggest is get lots of of good books, leave them around, occasionally read to them a bit — and stop at an exciting part. Put them on a high shelf and say, ‘Those books are not for you, they’re too strong, you’re not old enough yet’…and then go out.”

His versions of the Grimm Tales is just out — but they’re not for you, they’re too strong and you’re not old enough yet.



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