Mick Herron, The Wind in the Willows

This month, we are lucky to have a book choice from writer Mick Herron, whose latest book in the gripping Jackson Lamb series, Slough House, is published this week. Slow Horses, the first book in this MI5 thriller series, is currently being adapted for a television series starring Gary Oldman.

Mick Herron’s other books include Nobody Walks, This Is What happened, and the Zoë Boehm series. He has previously visited the Prison Reading Group at HMP Bullingdon to discuss his books with the group.

Here, Mick chooses a book which he would pass on to any reader:

A book I’ve been carrying in my mind for what feels like my whole life is The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame. It’s a book about talking animals, of course, and as such might easily be thought of as being for children only, but a recent rereading reminded me that behind all the fun and fantastic adventures it’s also a book about friendship, and about making mistakes and being given second chances, and about getting lost and being found again. Most of all, though, it’s a book about home, and how it’s possible to make a home anywhere, whether in a mansion, a caravan, a boat, a prison cell or even on the open road. It’s also very funny, and finishes – as many good books do – with a great big fight. Something, in fact, for everyone.

Thank you to Mick for this wonderful choice. You can see all of the Slough House series, including the latest instalment, here.


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