Maz Evans, A Kind of Spark

Maz Evans’ debut children’s novel Who Let the Gods Out was published by Chicken House in February 2017. There are now 3 more books in the series and we are eagerly anticipating two new series from Maz in 2021.

Her acclaimed creative writing events have featured at Hay, Imagine, Edinburgh, Bath, Cheltenham, Latitude, Wilderness and many other literary festivals and primary schools around the UK. We are lucky to have worked with Maz on some of our school projects, including our latest whole school project with Larkspur Primary.

This month, Maz has chosen a wonderful book for all ages, A Kind of Spark by Elle McNicoll:

A Kind of Spark is the kind of book that grabs you in the first page and won’t let you go until the end. It is the story of Addie, a brave and brilliant girl who is determined to persuade her small Scottish town to create a memorial for the victims of the medieval witch trials, which persecuted women who were seen to be different. Addie immediately relates to these women – she is autistic and knows how it feels to be treated differently and unkindly and is determined to set this historical wrong right. She embarks on a passionate campaign to open local minds and hearts, but must first overcome the narrow-mindedness of a world that doesn’t always want to listen. This is a must-read book – it is gripping, enlightening and beautifully written, while encouraging everyone to be that little bit kinder.

Thank you very much to Maz for this thoughtful choice for us.

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