Longwood Primary School: The Leaf Thief

Our first Book of the Month for 2024 is recommended by the KS1 & EYFS pupils from Longwood Primary School in Tamworth. In 2022, we were thrilled to partner with the Daily Express for their Christmas charity campaign: Books Change Lives. With the money raised from this campaign we opened a custom Peters’ library for Longwood Primary School in November. Longwood Primary celebrates its rural surrounding and incorporates the outdoors regularly in its curriculum, so we stocked their brand new library shelves with books about the planet, wildlife, bugs and the environment.

Thank you to all the Daily Express readers for helping make this possible.

The children love this book because it teaches them all about Autumn and how the seasons change. They love how silly the squirrel is as he searches for his missing leaves. Their favourite bit of the story is his good friend Bird who helps him to realise what is going on. This has been their book of the week a few times since we kindly received it from you – huge thanks again!

Thank you Longwood Primary School Pupils for recommending this book!

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