Lindsey Davis: The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay

This month our book has been chosen by historical novelist Lindsey Davis. The classic children’s book The Magic Pudding from 1918 by Norman Lindsay has been a favourite since her own childhood. Here Davis explains why she loves it so much:

This book has been the property of L Davis since Sept 27. 59, as I know from the slip I did with my printing set. It’s by a rude Australian artist but perfectly fit for children or adults of any age, so long as they are  zany and free-thinking, and like food. Bunyip Bluegum, a respectable looking Koala, sets out to see the world after a disagreement about whiskers, and happens upon Barnacle Bill the sailor, Sam Sawnoff the Penguin – and their Magic Puddin’, Albert, who is a cut-and-come-again delight. As members of the Noble Society of Puddin’-owners*  they are constantly beset by devious professional Puddin-thieves, which may have sparked my interest in crime-writing. Their contempt for authority and pompousness definitely struck a chord. But this book’s chief appeal is its sheer joy in life, especially life as enjoyed through good companionship and eating.

* “The duties of the Society are light. The members are required to wander along the roads, indulgin’ in conversation, song and story, eatin’ at regular intervals at the Puddin’.”

All books should be like this. I certainly hope mine are.

We are very grateful to Lindsey Davis for taking the time to recommend us our Book of the Month. Her latest book, The Third Nero, from the Flavia Albia series, was released this month.


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