Lady Antonia Fraser: Love and Summer, by William Trevor

Lady Antonia Fraser, CH, DBE, celebrated author and historian,  is the Patron of Give a Book.  She recommends Love and Summer, by William Trevor.

“A book I consider to be a moving masterpiece. ”

It is summer and a stranger has come to quiet Rathmoye. He is noticed by Ellie, the young convent girl, who is married to Dillahan, a farmer still mourning his first wife. Over the long and warm days, Ellie and the stranger form an illicit attachment. And those in the town can only watch, holding their tongues, as passion, love and fate take their inevitable course.

The inimitable Irish author William Trevor returns with a story of suspicion, guilt, forbidden love and the possibility of starting over. Known for moving, haunting novels such as Felicia’s Journey and Fools of Fortune, Trevor is also known as a master of the short story genre. As the New York Times Book Review noted, Trevor “moves between the short story and the novel; Irish settings and English; the capitalized Troubles of his native land and the personal lowercase ones of his characters.” He does so with unwavering skill.

Lady Antonia Fraser’s book Must You Go? about her life with Harold Pinter is out now in paperback, and her hugely acclaimed most recent book, The King and the Catholics, came out in 2018.  Her most recent book History Light (Tandem Publishing) is sold exclusively at Daunts in aid of Give a Book.


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