Jordi Nadal: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

This month we are delighted to have Jordi Nadal, author of Book Therapy: Reading is Life, choose our April Book of the Month.

When I am feeling the need of a balsamic read, when I want to spray joy to my distress, when I might feel some disquiet, I re-read some Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, the great Roman emperor. Why this? Because he had a great deal of power, but needed, as every human being, a sort of self comfort. This could he find in his own depth. By reading his words, I feel less lonely. Mission accomplished. My Emperor, with his book on my night table, provides me a soothening effect. I sleep with a stoic dignity.

Book Therapy was published by Mensch Publishing in the summer 2021 and 100% of royalties earned from sales of the book will go to Give a Book.

Thank you Jordi for choosing this title and for all your support.  To see our previous Books of the Month, click here. 


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