Benjamin Zephaniah: Love That Dog

Poet, writer, and musician Benjamin Zephaniah recommends Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.

I first read this book as an adult. Actually it was published in 2001, but I loved it. It was easy to read and it reminded me of what many young boys think of poetry. They begin by thinking it’s difficult, but when those very same boys give it a go and find that they are good at it. This can also be said of girls of course, but I think many boys have a particular problem with what they think poetry is.

This book is easy to read, beautifully written, and it has a great idea at its heart. It’s about a boy that doesn’t like poetry. He starts by saying that poetry is for girls, but slowly, after questioning poetry with poetry, he becomes a poet. I’m really not sure what age group this book is aimed at, in fact I’m not sure what type of book it is. That’s why I love it. It really is original.

Benjamin Zephaniah


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