Supporting Mother & Baby Units

We regularly supply the six Mother & Baby units in the UK with books for their residents – pregnant women and mothers with young babies who are serving prison sentences.

During this incredibly difficult and critical time for these women, we believe it is important that there is access to new, engaging books for mothers to read to their babies.

Books for Mother & Baby units

“Nothing better than snuggling up together with a book.”

During lockdown, we have sent a selection of 30 books to each of the six MBUs, working directly with publishers to ensure the titles are up-to-date, appealing and diverse. With all prison visits on hold during the Covid-19 lockdown, as well as the suspension of education, activities and library services, making sure that there are books readily available throughout prisons has felt more important than ever.

“As usual the books have been received warmly and are appreciated by the mothers on the unit.”

Just this week, the Government have published plans for reforms to improve the care of mothers and pregnant women in prison, which you can read about here.

You can read about our other prison projects here.


July 2020

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