International Book Giving Day 2020

It’s nearly time for International Book Giving Day on 14th February. As the aim of the day is to get books to as many children as possible, we will be giving away a selection of books to a school or nursery on the day. We asked Emma Perry, who runs International Book Giving Day, to tell us a bit more about it:

The response to International Book Giving Day knocks me sideways every single year. Last year, 2019, we had over 44 countries taking part – and they are just the ones who have let us know via social media / emails!

14th February is a day synonymous with love, so it seemed just perfect to chose that day to share the love of books. The main aim of International Book Giving Day is to get books into the hands of as many children as possible. Book Giving can, and does, take many forms – donating good quality books to charities, schools, waiting rooms, or, my absolute favourite that I’ve done every single year is to stealthily leave books out in the wild for little readers to find. I LOVE that! Last year I dotted them along the main school route to our local Primary School, and the year before I left them on the swings and slides of a popular park. The only limit… is your imagination!

This year we’ve been super lucky to have a brand new poster, bookmark and bookplates created by the talented illustrator Sanne Dufft. It’s a gorgeous, eye-catching design will really captures the magic of reading – and they’re all FREE to download on our website,



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