Pappeye Books

We would like to say a big thank you to Pappeye for a hugely generous donation of books to Give a Book.

Pappeye is an online children’s bookstore which has a brilliantly curated selection of books for children, “ones that will engage them, amuse them, and give them that something extra as they are growing up.”

Like Give a Book, Pappeye agrees that “books are essential to the happiness and development of children – from a simple introduction to the world around them for toddlers, to books which stretch the minds and imaginations of teenagers, and everything in between. Above all, books should always be a good experience for the child at any age.”

The Pappeye website has suggestions for readers of different ages, abilities, and interests, such as Top 100 Chosen by Children, Presents for Grandchildren and Dyslexia Friendly Books


The selection we received from Pappeye, including much-loved titles such as Skellig, Running Wild and Holes, was perfect for many of our children’s projects.

Find out more about Pappeye here.


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