A Place to Read

So where do you read? In a wheelbarrow, on a swing, in the park, in the bath, in a café, on the bus….?

There are some inventive places to read around the world and some inventive ways to bring books to people:

Biblioburro  set up by Luis Soriano in rural Colombia – his library travels around to hard to reach children on the backs of two donkeys, Alfa and Beto.

There are Bibliomules working in Venezuela…

And in Brazil, bus conductor Antonio Ferreira set up a library on the bus.

Then there’s Raul Lemesoff’s Weapon of Mass Instruction 

And the Kenya Library Service uses camels to get books to nomadic people .

As any fule kno, the library (and librarian) form the beating heart of a school and we’ve seen some great ones here — the award winning Rosendale Library Bus  for example.

There’s another a library that looks like a grotto – how about making one that you get to through a wardrobe of old clothes… just a thought. Some of the fantastic resources to make the most of are CILIP , SLA, Primary School Library Guidelines, Alan Gibbons, and The Campaign for the Book .

No excuses then. Here at Give a Book we love to help make a place to read. The most recent one is the light, airy and peaceful new Reading Room at Avondale Primary School where, in previous years, we’ve given books to individual children. We look forward to watching this lovely new room grow.

The Avondale Reading Room


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