Reading in Prison

There’s been a real push this year from The Reading Agency for their  Six Book Challenge  in prisons. They’ve sent us this feedback from female prisoners who have completed the challenge and received one of our dictionaries.

“I find spelling very difficult, to receive a dictionary will help me a great deal, especially to write letters home.”

“I love my dictionary, it’s one of the main reasons I took part. I couldn’t afford to buy one. Won’t need to now anyway!”

“The dictionary is great, I have nothing when I leave to take with me. Now I have my own dictionary and I can take it with me where ever I end up ( homeless prisoner)”

“I find reading difficult, I see words and I have no idea what they mean. I can look them up now and learn. Learning
is good. Thank you!”

So far this year, with the generous help of HarperCollins and all our supporters we have given out nearly 3,000 dictionaries.


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