Inside Poetry for National Poetry Day 4

We’ve been putting up a poem a week in the month leading up to National Poetry Day, next Thursday, the 2nd October.

The poems were all written by prisoners and were first published in Inside Time. They have been specially selected for Give a Book by Rachel Billington.  Here’s something else: Cambridge University is launching The Poetry and Memory project on National Poetry Day. So why not #thinkofapoem in the run up to National Poetry Day?

No Canteen

From NM Coleman – HMP La Moye

No canteen, ain’t that mean
It’s not as if I’m asking
To be ‘living the dream’
Where’s my canteen?

Canteen man, you stand accused
My ego bruised and just for the record
One is not amused!
Where’s my canteen

May I please receive the following?
Or shall I be writing to the Queen…

No canteen, ain’t that mean
It’s not fair, it’s my turn
I’ll go ‘Captain Caveman’
Without Rizzla for my burn

No canteen, ain’t that mean
Give the dog a bone
I’ll get ‘Scooby Doo and Shaggy’
On the case, if I don’t get credit for my phone

No canteen, ain’t that mean
He’s a joke that canteen bloke
Just like ‘Mr Bean’
I’ll never look like ‘Arnie’ without my muscle

building protein
No canteen, ain’t that mean
I can’t go without my coffee
I’m half insane and you’re to blame
Do you want me totally potty?!

No canteen, ain’t that mean
Get your skates on mate and fasten your laces
Where’s ‘Dick Dastardly and Mutley’ when you need them?
Talk about ‘Wacky Races’

No canteen, ain’t that mean
That canteen bloke, give him a poke
I need my fix of full fat coke
And don’t you dare send me diet
Or I’ll cause a one man prison riot!


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