The Book Rooms in HMP Wormwood Scrubs–latest

To update on how it’s going– The Book Room on B Wing is really taking off.

The new Rooms on A and C Wings have got off to a great start. And books are now on their way to furnish Book Rooms for D and E Wings too. We continue to be overwhelmed by the warmth, thoughtfulness and support for this great collaboration. To name names: Harper Collins, English PEN, Cathy Rentzenbrick and the fantastic Quick Reads have been wonderfully generous.  East and West Publishing have donated books, as have the wonderful Barrington Stoke. We have had donations from Sasol, Crowdwish, and many authors– often coming to us through the support of English PEN.  Michael Arditti, Marina Warner, Margaret Drabble, Jack Thorne, Jennifer Powell, Kathy Lette, Sarah Waters have all donated. And so have others who prefer not to be named. We can only imagine what this will mean to the people inside. Our heartfelt thanks to all who are helping to make these Book Rooms happen–and, of course, the people on the inside and our regular supporters are as crucial as ever– it just couldn’t happen without you!


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