Six Book Challenge in prisons

We’ve had some wonderful feedback from a man’s prison where they have been taking up the Six Book Challenge run by The Reading Agency— Give a Book, generously helped by Harper Collins, gives a mini-dictionary to all those who complete the challenge. We reproduce some of it here:

“I see on a daily basis how something as simple as a pocket dictionary can have a truly massive impact on people. It is true that some undertake the challenge for the free gifts but they soon all come to realise how just returning to reading daily improves their lives.”

“I am most appreciative of my [dictionary] and, from speaking with other inmates, they find the gift empowering.”

“Having a dictionary available to me was amazing. It helped my grammar and diction, and amongst other things, it gave me my self-respect back by giving me confidence in writing. Above all, it made me feel good to know that there are organisations who care enough to help prisoners rebuild their lives with the use of things as simple as dictionaries.”

“I have completed the Six Book Challenge. It has been very enjoyable. The Challenge has drove me to complete a range of books, after my completion. I have fallen in love with reading. I don’t think I will ever break up with her.

This romance is partly to be blamed at The Reading Agency and Martina Cole. They are to be blamed for me staying up promising myself one more chapter one more page.

As a person with dyslexia I have notice my spelling has improved the construction of sentences, also the way I articulate my conversations.

I am very grateful for the chance to say thank you and carry on the good work. It is making a difference to many others.”



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