Books for Family Days in Prisons

We’ve had more lovely feedback passed on to us by Prison Reading Groups–thank you for that. It’s so nice that we reproduce it here:

“The [books] were delivered the day before our family day, just in time. In the end as we had 2 adult ed tutors who had delivered the Hungry Caterpillar we set aside a quiet area and put the books on low tables surrounded by soft chairs and allowed the children in their own time to “find” this area. When a child showed an interest then either a parent or tutor went over to assist with reading if necessary.

When the child had looked at several books they were allowed to choose a book to take home and at that point they were given the book bag, notepad and if appropriate, pencil and pen.

When [the facilitator] spoke to the families the feedback was … fulsome and they expressed absolute delight and amazement that any one would give their child a book bag with a choice of book too.

The facilitator added that [she] was delighted to have been given the opportunity to see the children choose books and sit and read them when there were so many other activities available. As some-one who has been involved in education from community-university it strengthens my belief that books are still the most important avenue through which young children can acquire information, develop interests, learn the art of reading for pleasure a pursuit which can be done with others or on your own.

Many thanks for the books.”

And many thanks to all who generously support Give a Book for making this possible.

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